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  • 52 Things You Can Do This Year to Make Your Pictures and Video Better

    Here are 52 things that you can try this year that should take your video and photo skills to the next level. We’re constantly creating new ones via our revamped 52Things channel, so stay tuned each week for new ones. Until then, here are plenty to get you started. Oh, and don’t forget that if you like this content, you can help us by supporting us at Patreon. Thanks again:

    New in 2018!

    1. How to Make Stop Motion
    2. Learn to Edit Faster with Keyboard Shortcuts
    3. How to Photograph the Northern Lights
    4. Take your Drone Flying to the Next Level
    5. Create 360 Degree Photospheres or Panoramas

    52 Photo & Video Tips from Previous Years!

    1. Learn the Basics of your DSLR.
    2. Learn how to make Sketch Animations
    3. Make Better Videos for Instagram
    4. Create the Jittery Text and Hand drawn look.
    5. Learn what settings are ideal for your GoPro
    6. Learn how to make grey pictures white!
    7. Create Stunning Cave Photos.
    8. Shoot Underwater with your GoPro
    9. Buy a sweet Macro-Photography kit.
    10. Make a Hyperlapse
    11. Do a Day-to-Night Timelapse
    12. Make 360 or VR video
    13. Create a macro camera from your Gopro.
    14. Make a VLOG
    15. Get Music for your Videos
    16. Shoot better interviews
    17. Shoot better B-Roll
    18. Get Free Stuff for your Films
    19. Speed up your Editing in FCPX
    20. Add Color to Black and White Images
    21. Up your Photo-Game
    22. Learn to Deal with Depression
    23. How to Send a Weather Balloon with camera attached to Space
    24. Tips to Get Stuff Done
    25. Create a 3-axis Moving Timelapse
    26. Make a Timelapse Between Seasons
    27. Make a Driving Timelapse
    28. Shoot an Aerial Timelapse
    29. Make a Tilt-Shift / Miniature World Time-lapse
    30. Plan a Project somewhere you’ve never been
    31. Shoot a Wedding video for a friend.
    32. Add Dinosaurs to Photos via Masking in Photoshop
    33. Create Light Rays in Photoshop
    34. Shoot Waterfall Pictures using Shutterspeed
    35. Learn White Balance
    36. Become an Adventure Filmmaker
    37. Create Milky Way Photos in Lightroom
    38. How to Mount a Lavalier Microphone
    39. Use Magic Lantern to make an old DSLR into a HD video camera
    40. Shoot a White Background Video
    41. Use an Endoscope
    42. Get rid of flickering with Fluorescent Lights
    43. Do a Parallax Photo – 2D into moving video!
    44. Create Steel Wool Photographs
    45. Fake Epic Slow Motion!
    46. Deflicker your Timelapses
    47. 3D Print a Drone Handle
    48. Record Better Audio in an Airplane
    49. Be a better Documentary Filmmaking Crew Member
    50. 5 Drone Moves you should know!
    51. Shoot with a Steadycam
    52. Make good videos with your phone

    Remember, there are more via our revamped 52Things Youtube channel! Follow along every week! And, if you’re keen to help supporting us at Patreon we’d be eternally grateful.

    Written by Rob Nelson

    Rob is an ecologist from the University of Hawaii. He is also an award-winning filmmaker. As principle director of Untamed Science productions his goal is to create videos and content that are both entertaining and educational. When he's not making science content, he races slalom kayaks and skydives.

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